The modern outside light post fixture ranges from the classic carriage lamp post style to very modern solar light styles. Regardless of the style, outdoor light fixtures and their wiring must be rugged and weather resistant. The lamp post and the lamp head, which contains the light bulb, are separate items. They can be mix-and-matched to suit the buyer’ desires. The lamp pole may be installed in the ground or into the concrete.  Light posts position lanterns high off the ground, causing the light to shine down on surrounding areas. They are best placed some distance from your home, such as in the lawn or near the driveway. Consider adding them to your garden or along walkways to add ambiance and safety to your outdoor space. Here's how.

Outdoor Post Light Bulbs

Traditionally, outside light post fixtures used incandescent light bulbs. Today, longer-lasting LED bulbs are an energy-efficient alternative. Solar post lights are also seeing a rise in popularity. They come equipped with LED bulbs, which use very little of the stored solar power.

Installing Outdoor Post Lights Your outdoor light post fixture needs to be installed with the help of experienced landscapers as well as a licensed electrician. The post needs to be buried to a depth of at least 18 inches to avoid accidental cutting of the wires later. Not all electricians do exterior work, but most landscaping companies have a licensed electrician on staff or can hire a subcontractor to do the job. Add light to your yard and neighborhood with a beautiful and durable pole light today.

If you're shopping for your new outdoor pole light, you can find a selection of attractive and stylish combinations of posts, fittings, and globes to create your unique exterior lighting fixture. Search online to find a selection of post top fittings, and add light and ambiance to your Palm Coast, FL, yard and neighborhood with a beautiful and durable pole light. Read our blog on Outside Light Posts Add Appeal and Safety.

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