Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Q: How do I determine the correct size of the globe I need?
A: Diameter is calculated by taking the circumference of the globe and dividing by 3.14. For instance if you have a globe that you are replacing and it is 37 inches around then the diameter is 12 inches.

Q: What is the difference between the various materials?
A: Polycarbonate is a superior engineering plastic material for extreme requirements. UV stabilized to ensure a long life. The high continuous working temperature of up to 257 F (125 C) even under extreme environmental conditions, allows the installation of lamps with a high wattage. The high impact resistance and durability remain even at subzero temperatures (down to -40 C).
Polyethylene is only available in matte-white. Extremely shock resistant, highly resistant to most corrosive atmospheric conditions.
Acrylic is a material with unsurpassed resistance to weathering and aging. Acrylic has an exceptional brilliance, which does not diminish even after prolonged use thanks to an optimum surface hardness. Acrylic lamp housings are highly competitive particularly with modern light sources where the working temperature does not exceed 194 F (90 C)

Q: Did you provide international shipping?
A: Yes, offers international shipping on all of its products. In order to ship overseas, simply use the international checkout button when you are ready to make your purchase. It's located just below the green check out button:

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