One way you can give your yard its own unique character is by using a lamp post globe. At one time, these globes were commonly used in both public and residential settings. Over the years, they became less popular due to changes in home design trends. The good news is that lamp post globes are back! See how you can use one to make your yard stand out.

Fix Up Your Mailbox

You have probably never thought about sprucing up your mailbox. This is actually easy to do if you incorporate a lamp post. To do this, you'll need to dig a hole around 18 inches deep. Then, use a solid post to secure the mailbox and lamp post. Next, you will need to use concrete to firmly secure the structure. Use some sort of creative styling to make the lamp post stand out. At the top, attach your pick of 10-inch acrylic prismatic lamp post globes.

Addressing Addresses

Another way to make use of 10-inch acrylic prismatic lamp post globes is to use them to illuminate your address. In this sense, these globes act in both a functional and decorative manner. It is an attractive way to add flair to your home while helping others find you.

An Additional Thought

There is really a lot you can do with a lamp post globe. Just think about how much fun it will be to decorate with it during the holidays. Put a scary face on it for Halloween. During winter, you try using it as part of a snowman. Use your imagination to get the most use out of your lamp post globe.

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