You may have never thought of a lamp post as something to decorate with, but it's truly a versatile piece. A lamp post isn't limited to lighting outdoor areas. Instead, it can be incorporated into the overall look of a yard to add a beautiful accent. When it comes to choosing the right model, you'll find that there's no shortage of decorative lamp posts. Keep reading to get some ideas about how you can use a lamp post to add some life into your yard.

Give it a Bed

Your lamp post doesn't have to be standing all alone in the yard. In fact, it can be better to add some greenery around it to help it stand out. To do this, plant a small bed of plants or flowers in a circular shape. Add some attractive rocks to border the area. At the end, install your lamp post right in the middle. The plants and rocks will form a sort of 3D frame for your lamp post. When choosing a decorative lamp post, opt for something rustic or traditional looking. This will make it seem like it has been there for years. You can also choose a shorter lamp post to allow the plants to grow up around it. There's nothing more spectacular than a beam of light shining through the plants.

Making an Entrance

A lot of people prefer to place lamp posts in their front yard. This is a good choice, but it must be done with style. Consider using a decorative lamp post that will allow you to hang your house number from it. There are some models of lamp posts that are sold with an arm to facilitate this. No additional light is needed for the sign. The lamp will make it visible to everyone entering or driving by. This is a great way to make your address known when street markings don't suffice. For one, it will sure help when you order a pizza delivery!

Be Creative

There are numerous things you can do with a lamp post. Just remember to have fun and be creative. Give your property its own character with a unique lamp post. Read our post related to Outdoor Lighting.

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