How to measure a replacement lamp post globe!

How to measure a lamp post globe or street lamp to buy a replacement?

After 15 years in business, one of the most common questions we receive from customers is how to order the right size globe.  In order to get the right sized globe for your needs, there are a few things that you need to know.




To get the diameter of the round globe, place a ruler inside the globe and measure from the top of the globe to the bottom of the flange. This will give you the diameter.  Keep in mind that for neckless globes, it is important to note that the vertical diameter is less than the horizontal diameter.  This is because the cut at the bottom removes some of the diameter.  This will have an impact if you need a certain amount of clearance to accommodate the height of the bulb inside. The diameter of our globes come in even numbered increments (eg. 10 inch, 12 inch, 14 inch, etc.)  


Measuring the diameter of a lamp post globe

For acorn shaped globes, or other non-round shapes, measure the globe at its widest part.  This will give you the circumference of the globe.  Then divide the circumference by pi or 3.14 to get the diameter.


Flange Size


The next bit of information that you need is the size of the flange or opening at the bottom of the globe.  Generally, flange sizes are determined by the outside edge of the flange.  Place a ruler across the opening of the globe at its widest.  The outside diameter of the flange will  slightly less than the size of the fitter.  For instance, a 12 inch globe with a flange diameter of 3.91 inches is made to fit a 4 inch fitter.


 Measuring the flange on lamppost globe



Often the globe is broken or missing, and the customer has to guess at the size of the globe.  In these situations, the most important piece of information is the inside diameter of the fitter.  Simply place a ruler across the fitter at the widest part and measure the inside diameter of fitter.


Measuring a lamppost globe fitter

If you have any questions or concerns about ordering the right-sized globe for your application, please call 386-264-2615 or email us at [email protected]



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