If you're trying to find a way to add a bit of light to the exterior of your home, then consider a yard lamp post. There are numerous designs to choose from as well as different heights of posts available, allowing you to choose according to the area you want to illuminate. Before deciding on the type of post to get, consider the overall design and the details in your yard as you want the post to blend with other decorations and features.

Styles There are posts that have a classic design and those that have more of a modern design. You want to get a style that matches the details of your home so that the yard lamp post doesn't look awkward. The finish is another important detail to consider with the style of the post that you choose. This detail usually pairs well with the overall design, such as chrome and a modern look while brass or bronze are often used with classic designs.

Placement Once you've determined what kind of post you're going to get for your yard, you need to figure out where it will be placed. If you need more lighting for security purposes, then consider placing posts near the entry doors or along the perimeter of your yard. Avoid putting too many posts in your yard because it can make the exterior of your home too bright. Since larger posts often illuminate a larger area of your yard, then you might want to only place a few of these instead of several smaller posts. Other options include adding posts to your deck or the perimeter of a pool or garden.

Installation Consider burying the electrical wires so that you don't trip over them in the yard. You could also get solar lamps so that there are no wires. Make sure the posts are placed in the ground deep enough so that they don't wiggle around, keeping them from easily getting knocked over. Read our blog How to Add a Decorative Lamp Post to Your Yard.

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