Whether you're highlighting a gorgeous garden feature or bringing a touch of old-world charm to your patio, yard light globes are a worthwhile investment. Read on for a speedy summary of the benefits provided by these stately exterior lighting fixtures.

Increased Exterior Functionality

When there is minimal outdoor lighting, the functionality of your exterior spaces is severely reduced at night. Properly placed lighting will leave your visitors with a sense of welcome and comfort at all times of the day, thus maximizing the frequency of use and general functionality of your outdoor spaces.

Increased Security and Safety

No matter how old you are, it is dangerous to stumble across a darkened yard or over a pitch black walkway. Strategically spaced yard light globes will illuminate all potential tripping hazards, allowing safer enjoyment and passage through your outdoor spaces. What's more - exterior lighting even acts as a crime deterrent! Consider placing yard lights around patios, walkways, entries, and the perimeter of your property, for a sharp increase in your nocturnal safety and security.

Added Curb Appeal

Day or night, yard lights will provide increased curb appeal. During daylight hours, the light fixtures will act as decorative features, highlighting your particular exterior style. After dark, the yard light globes will illuminate your property for added security, safety, ambiance, and functionality.

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