Outdoor lighting serves several purposes. It is a great way to beautify the sidewalks of a city. Street lamps can also keep the sidewalk in front of your property pretty and lit. Plus, outdoor lighting is a great deterrent against crime. If you feel like going outside for an evening stroll, outdoor lighting keeps you safe.

Here are three types of globe post top lantern shapes available for purchase.


The acorn shape is a fun one because acorns are commonly found in areas that have a lot of trees and furry critters running around. The shape is available in 13, 16 and 17 inches as well as 22.5 and 23 inches among others. It is made from acrylic, clear polycarbonate and white polyethylene. They are also available with a textured surface.


The teardrop shape is beautiful. It is available in one size, but you can pick from different material including acrylic and clear polycarbonate that can be textured or not. The shape is whimsical as well as traditional. It is something that you have seen on lampposts before.


The Trinidad shape is available in a variety of sizes including 18 and 21 inches. It can be found in white acrylic and clear polycarbonate, with and without texture. This shape commands attention as it sits stoutly on top the lamppost while it provides enough outdoor light for those who walk by.

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