If your 6 inch acrylic prismatic lamp suddenly died down and you have to replace it, you can’t just order a replacement right away. Take it as a chance to see if you can make changes with your outdoor fixture. If your 6 inch acrylic prismatic lamp comes with a neck, maybe it is time to have one with a custom opening!

Here are other things to consider when replacing a lamp post.

Should You Keep the Size?

Is your old lamp post the right size for your lighting fixture? Don’t assume that your fixture was the best one. Check the available options in the market. It is your chance to upgrade your outdoor lighting.

You can replace it with an 8-inch or 10-inch lamp post.

Consider the Construction Material

If you are getting a new lamp to replace an old one, you should invest with the best one – go for a fixture made of cast aluminum. This type of light is more durable as compared to other types such as those made with iron or solid brass.

Should You Keep the Style?

For globe prismatic lamp posts, there are three known styles. For your new one, choose the best type that is easier for you to install and maintain. If you won’t hire a professional to replace your lamp post, then choose an easy to install one like a neckless lamp post. It is also easier to clean.

Other options are globe lamp post with a twist lock and globe with custom opening.

Do you need to replace a 6 inch acrylic prismatic lamp today? Contact Lamp Post Globes at 1-800-665-3594.

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