Nothing is more frustrating than finding that a globe to your outside light is broken, but this could actually be a good thing. Today’s globes are moisture resistant, designed to tolerate high impacts, and include UV radiation inhibitors to prevent yellowing. You will probably be able to find a replacement globe for outdoor light fixtures that is better than the one you had originally. The trick is to know how to find the right one.


The first thing you need to determine is the shape you need. Globes come in finial-shaped streetlamp styles as well as special shapes like flames, jelly jars, eggs, and cylinders. Post-top fixtures look like the old-time gas streetlamps, and prismatic ones have a unique shape that disperses the light beautifully.


The correct size is a little trickier to find. If you still have the old globe, all you need to do is measure its diameter, height, and neck size. Otherwise, you can measure how much clearance your outdoor fixture allows to determine the height and diameter. Measure the plate that the globe rests on to
figure out how big the neck should be.


Most globes you'll find will be made out of glass, but there are a few exceptions. Polycarbonate is a plastic that can withstand the hot temperatures in Palm Coast, FL. Acrylic resists the signs of aging while polyethylene is the least expensive type of globe. Keep in mind that although it is very affordable, it only comes in a solid white.

Once you know how to determine the shape, size, and type of replacement globe for outdoor light fixtures that you need, locating a new one should be easy. Best of all, your new globe will include many features that the old one didn't, such as UV protection, strength against impacts, and moisture resistance. Like us on

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