Landscaping plays a far more important role in Palm Coast and elsewhere than many realize. It's the first impression that people make about the home and its occupants. If you want to impress your visitors, then you need to improve your landscaping. Here are a few tips on how to make your yard something that can wow your neighbors.


An often-overlooked part of landscaping is lighting features. A good streetlight globe can completely change how lighting features on your yard. First, you should include lighting elements in your yard. Streetlights or lamps can be a great way to add in a cozy or industrial feeling to your yard. A streetlight globe further adds style and decoration to the yard. Play around with lighting to see how it can best highlight elements of your yard.

Water Features

Few can go wrong with a water feature in their yard. Whether it's a fountain or a man-made pond and stream, water is something that adds a touch of elegance and calm to an area. You can spruce it up as much as you want by adding in rocks and plants around the water feature. Why not try to make it look as natural and organic as possible? As for water fountains, they can be rustic or as modern as you want them to be. You can create a gathering space around the fountain to admire its beauty and enjoy the soothing nature of listening to moving water.


Another way to improve your landscape is to add a garden. It doesn't have to be a large or elaborate garden either. A simple garden with a few flowers or herbs will do just as nicely. The important aspect is to keep it tended to throughout the year. Overgrown plants aren't pretty. Also read Large Streetlamps

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