You are thinking of installing an outdoor street lamp, but you aren't sure you need one. Well, the following points will show that you might love it if you do.

Added Security

Having light at night means that people thinking of breaking into your home might think twice. Light may deter someone who is trying to stay hidden. Keep in mind that a little light also makes it easier for your security cameras to capture people's faces, just in case someone does try something.

A Little Peace

Another reason you should consider installing an outdoor street lamp is so that you can feel better about pulling in and out of your driveway. Darkness can make it hard for you to see, no matter how strong your car lights are. An added light source should give you the confidence you need to move around your driveway easily.


When it is pitch black, someone walking towards your house is going to have a hard time seeing where he or she is stepping. A little extra light should keep visitors safe. This also helps you if you like to step out at night or if you need to take your pets for a walk. Having a street lamp even helps you give directions to your house since you'll be able to say that your house is the one with the street lamp.

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